Find Your E-Commerce Business Idea

Find Your E-Commerce Business Idea

With everything in the form of online, starting from consumption, suppliers, currencies, to places of sale and purchase, selling online or e-commerce is certainly not a difficult thing to find.

If you are interested in starting to run e-Commerce, you should consider starting with the most basic thing, which is a business idea. E-Commerce business ideas are practically tricky.

Why? Because in e-Commerce, if you are a consumer or a layman, it is very easy to find even to make transactions. But actually, to start e-Commerce is not as easy as these things.

To find an e-Commerce business idea, in addition to having your own thoughts and experience, you also need certain references and tips to be ripe, from ideas to plans and execution. Check out the following discussion to find your e-Commerce business idea.

Use Your Own Ideas and Start with “Why?”

When there is an interest in starting an e-Commerce business, ideas will surely spring up in your mind so that you will actually start. Take note of the ideas that cross your mind. Then make a selection to get an e-Commerce business idea what you can most do.

Simon Sinek, a management consultant, in his book Start with “Why?” in 2009, stated that actually, “People don’t buy what you do, but they buy the reason you do it”.

Business ideas that are based on a clear vision or reason will certainly continue to adapt to various circumstances. Unlike a business that is based only on products and new products will continue to emerge and compete.

Reporting from Volusion, the idea of ​​Simon Sinek is supported by the example of the world technology lifestyle company, Apple. Apple started as a company in a vehicle garage, then developed into a large mega company.

They continue to peddle a variety of technological products, ranging from PCs (personal computers), music players, to smartphones. This is because their business vision exceeds their business product, which is a vision of the “lifestyle” of technology.

See Conventional Business (offline) in the Surrounding Environment

Now one of the most lucrative e-commerce ideas is to sell goods that are actually sold at many offline stores that are around you.

Starting from building materials, carpentry tools, service tools, and much more. E-Commerce business motives that sell goods that were previously only found in offline stores can be an inspiration for your e-Commerce business ideas.

Look for References or Publications about Consumer Trends Online

E-commerce which is increasingly widespread by many people now meets the trend of articles, references, and publications everywhere. Try to read various articles, study results, or even reviews and testimonials of various products / services offered online.

By knowing the various reviews and testimonials of e-Commerce products / services, at least you know what kind of products consumers like, which are easily criticized by consumers, or even products that are still purchased without any specific response from consumers.

Pay Attention to Business Rivals

Observe your e-Commerce business competitors who have already started this business. Pay attention to what products they are selling, what kind of community they are targeting (consumers), to what strategies are successful in their business success.

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See Digital Influencer

Influential people in the digital world or commonly called digital influencers often open endorse services (such as promotions or advertisements) with brands that work with them. Look at these influencers, you might get an e-Commerce business idea from the products they endorse.

Visit the Curation Site, B2B E-Commerce, Marketplace, Crowdsourcing and Online Forums

Because you will be selling online, of course you also have to get to know and visit various sites related to e-Commerce such as curation sites, B2B e-Commerce (business-to-business), marketplaces (like Amazon, eBay, etc.), crowdsourcing ( such as Innocentive, Idea Connection, Chaordix, etc.), to various online forums that provide buying and selling channels (like Kaskus and Quora).

Open the Online Survey

The last tip so you can find your e-Commerce business idea by conducting an online survey. Do and distribute your online survey as widely and as well as possible, because later you will get a variety of responses and an overview of the potential e-Commerce business ideas that are being prepared.

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